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At Pitsch Insurance, we firmly believe a corporate wellness program is a win-win for everyone. Employees learn to achieve a healthier lifestyle through educational awareness, teamwork and fun! Our wellness experts teach health awareness and healthy choices as well as alternatives to traditional medicine. Your end result to our program is healthier, happier employees, who take fewer sick days and generate fewer insurance claims. This will absolutely affect the overall attitude of your employees, as well as your company’s financial stability.

Our goal is to present your company with health awareness that will not only impact your company’s productivity, but also have a rippling effect for the families of your employees. We can all play a part in reducing health care costs across the country. Let’s start now!!



Consider these facts:
Americans spend $1.9 trillion yearly on health care and costs increase each year.

50% of health care costs are directly
related to lifestyle choices

60% of Americans are overweight

15% of our children are obese

20% of our workers are smokers

50% of Americans do not know their blood pressure, cholesterol or blood sugar readings

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